Legendary Musicians



Blogging was definitely a different experience for me because I have never done it before nor did I think I was going to ever. At first I was not too thrilled about it, but then I began to enjoy it because I enjoy music very much and blogging gave me an opportunity to voice my own opinion over something I love. This whole Word Press site was quite confusing when I first got it and took me a minute to figure everything out. What I do not like about this site and would change if I had the chance, was the navigation part. It was complicated to navigate through, when trying to get to my dashboard, or to add a new post to where I can add media easily. What I do like about Word Press is the Enormous amount of themes I am able to choose from, all of different layouts and fonts. I feel that Blogging is a great way to promote myself and my brand and think something like this could help me tremendously in the future depending on the career path I choose. It is an easy way to get my thoughts out to the public while adding all of my other social media sites for easy access to. With that being said, here again are links to the other social media sites I am on. Feel free to contact me off any of them.





YouTube Me

I do have a YouTube account with a few dance videos of myself on there. I am actually monetized on YouTube which I am very proud to say. I never would have thought my videos would ever get any views. I think YouTube is a great social network to find other talented people or just to discover new ideas from other videos. Here is one of my dance videos that I uploaded to YouTube of me demonstrating some of my dancing skills. Practice makes perfect though! My YouTube channel is called Killakam517, and go ahead and subscribe to it.

BET Awards 2014


The BET awards 2014 was live on Sunday night and brought together so many great artists. Many of them performed and did a fantastic job like, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, August Alsina, Usher, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson, but of course the legendary Lionel Richie stole the show as the sang many songs in tribute for him along with presenting him the Life Time Achievement award. Here is a link to my Storify that kind of a recaps the award show through the thoughts of our fellow tweeters.


Omer Bhatti

Omer Bhatti is the kid that was basically Michael Jackson’s prodigy and was rumored to be his love child after he died back in 2009. Omer claims he is not in fact Michael’s blood son but definitely saw him as a father figure. If he really is Michael’s son, that is exactly where he got his talents from. Omer is an amazing performer and dances in so much a way that resembles the King of Pop, it is crazy. He goes by the stage name O’bee. I first began to follow him and watch his dance videos when his face was booming everywhere when MJ died and became a fan instantly. Watching him dance reminds me of MJ but more in a futuristic way, as he has just a unique way of moving. Here are some of his videos I have attached down below. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Smith’s Kid

A boy who people would never really guess being a pretty good rapper is actually Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith. Well, I guess that isn’t too much of a surprise considering his dad is Will Smith who is also a pretty artist himself. ¬†As everyone’s memory serves, remember back in the day when Will did it all, he sang, danced and rapped, and which is where I’m sure his son Jaden got all of his talents from. I first heard Jaden’s music when collaborated and performed with Justin Bieber a few years ago (and Yess, i was a fan of Justin Bieber at that time). He writes his own songs and makes his own beats along with of course remixing current popular songs, yet does a very good job doing. I think he is super talented along with being a very creative person and definitely has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps pursuing music. Check out some of his songs!

Nick Pitera

This guy blew my mind away to where I could not even believe his voice was real. This young artist, Nick Pitera, ¬†became famous on YouTube from his amazing voice and ability to hit such high notes that it actually sounds like a woman singing. I discovered him from someone sharing his video on Facebook and interested me by the comment explaining he did both parts in the duet song from Aladdin “A Whole New World”. After watching that video, I continued to watch all of his other videos of him singing covers of popular songs. I was extremely impressed when seeing him sing Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” but singing in his high pitch the entire song. He really does almost sound like Whitney Houston herself, it is unbelievable. His talent is out of this world and know he will be so legendary in a few years. Don’t believe me, see for yourself and watch some of these videos of his and let me know what you thought!